Friday, August 30, 2019

【简单健康RECIPE】Healthy Vegetable & Fruits Agar Agar Mooncake | Natural Colo...

Today recipe: 蔬果蛋黄菜燕月饼
Vegetable & Fruits Agar Agar Mooncake
Author: Foodieatplayground
Egg Yolk Part:
1/2 Carrot
1/2 Lemon (juice)
Blended and Fill water to 250ml 
1/2 tsp Agar Agar Powder
50g Sugar 
Cook till boil & sugar dissolve. Chill till set. 
Filling Part: 
5 pitted Kurma Dates 
50ml Evaporated Milk
1 tbsp Plain Yogurt
Blend together 
Add water to 250ml
1/2 tsp Agar Agar powder
50g sugar 
Cook till boil & sugar dissolve. Add “Egg Yolk”. Chill till set.
Skin Part: 
1/2 Dragonfruit
Water fill to 500ml
1 tsp Agar Agar Powder
100g Sugar
Boil till sugar dissolve. Add filling. Chill till set. 
For step by step, see video: (Video with English Subtitle)

Friday, August 23, 2019

【简单健康RECIPE】零失败Don Don DONKI 烤番薯+ 无糖香甜玫瑰茶=绝配 | Air Fryer Don Don DONKI S...

How to make Don Don DONKI sweet potato using Air Fryer? Don Don DONKI sweet potato recipe? Look no further, here’s the foolproof recipe using Air Fryer. Only need 30 minutes. No need to queue Long Long and cheaper! Only $1 instead of $2.80!

And how to eat sweet potato without feeling bloated and constipated? See video: to find out.

Don Don Donki Sweet Potato 气炸锅烤日本番薯
Author: Foodieatplayground
1. Rinse and pat dry sweet potatoes  番薯冲水后擦干
2. Air fry at 180 degrees for 30 minutes  放进气炸锅调180度30分钟

No sugar sweet Rose Tea 无糖香甜玫瑰茶
(for 3 cups) Ingredient:
1 handful dried Rose bud (washed) 干玫瑰花 (洗净)
4-6 stevia leaves (washed)  甜菊叶 (洗净)

1. Preheat Thermal Flask by adding abit of hot water, leave for few minutes. 加烧水预热焖烧罐
2.   Pour hot water away  烧水倒掉
2. Add Dried Rose bud and stevia leave  加干玫瑰花和甜菊叶
4. Fill 90% hot water 加水到9分满
3. Rest for 1 hour and ready to serve. 静置1小时就能饮用

P.S. Must drink water (like this rose tea) immediately after taking sweet potato to prevent constipation and indigestion.

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Friday, August 9, 2019

【简单健康RECIPE】不用Mayo的鸡蛋鲔鱼三明治 | 焖烧罐煮半熟蛋 | 早餐Part 4 | Tuna Egg Sandwich | Th...

今天是新加坡国庆日。为庆祝这个节日,特别准备了以红白色为主题的三明治当早餐。To celebrate National Day!

Tuna Egg Mayo Sandwich
For 3-4pax
Author: Foodieatplayground
1 egg 鸡蛋1个
1 canned tuna mayonnaise 鲔鱼罐头1个
1 tbsp plain yogurt  原味优格1汤匙
Some black pepper  少许黑胡椒粉

(To make hard boiled egg)
1. Add a little hot water to Preheat thermal flask  加一点水预热焖烧罐
2. Pour away the hot water  把热水倒掉
3. Put egg in gently 小心地把蛋放进去
4. Fill water to 3/4 full  加水至7分满
5. Set timer:20 minutes  等20分钟
6. Add to ice water  立刻放入冰水里
7. Peel and mash to the size you want 用叉压至你要的大小
8. Add canned tuna mayo  加罐头鲔鱼搅拌均匀
Advantage: Canned tuna mayo already seasoned with onion etc so no need to add much seasoning 鲔鱼罐头已经很有味道,所以不用再加其他调味料
9. Add 1 tbsp plain yogurt 加原味优格
10. Mix well 搅拌均匀
11. Top bread with tomato and cucumber slices and add tuna egg mayo. Ready to serve.

(To make soft boil egg)
1. Add some salt to the left over thermal pot water 加一点盐在焖烧罐里
2. Gently put egg in  小心地把蛋放入
3. Remove egg after 20 minutes 20分钟后把蛋取出
4. Soak in ice water till cool  放入冰水里至冷却
Tips: cover with aluminium foil to speed up the cooling process  盖铝箔纸蛋会更快冷却
5. Soft boiled Egg is ready to eat 半熟蛋可以上桌了

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Friday, August 2, 2019

【简单快速RECIPE】非一般不用加糖的家常西多士 | 不用配牛油和蜜糖 | 早餐Part 3 | Not your usual French ...

This is how my mom cooked French toast for me since young. No sugar added. No need to eat with honey n butter. Flavourful on its own. Any mom out there also do the same way?

(Not your usual) French Toast 家常西多士
(For 1 to 2 pax)
Author: Foodieatplayground
4 bread slice  4片面包
2 eggs  2粒蛋
1 tbsp soy sauce 1汤匙酱青
1 tbsp evaporated milk  1汤匙花奶
some pepper  胡椒粉少许

1. Add all seasoning to egg. Beat egg till even.  蛋里加调味料搅拌均匀
2. Dip bread in egg mixture. 面包两面沾蛋液
3. Heat wok and fry both sides till golden brown. 煎至两面金黄
4. Ready to serve.  可上桌

Thursday, August 1, 2019

【简单健康RECIPE】莲藕花生排骨汤|如何让莲藕花生更快煮软 |炖汤|Soften Lotus root & Peanut hack | Lo...

莲藕花生排骨汤 | Lotus root Peanut Soup Recipe
(for 1 - 2 person) Author: Foodieatplayground

1/4 - 1/2 lotus root  (Steam for 30 minute first) 莲藕 (先蒸30分钟)
1 handful of peanut (Presoak and freeze)  花生 (泡水后冷冻)
1 handful of dried cuttlefish (washed and put in a teabag)  鱿鱼干/墨鱼干
2 dried scallops  干贝
1 honey date (washed) 蜜枣
1 ginger slice 姜片

1 tbsp shao xing wine  绍兴酒
some salt and pepper to taste  盐和胡椒少许

Double boil for 3 hours. Serve when hot.  炖三小时。

See video for Step by Step 可看影片学着做 :