Monday, October 3, 2011

Peanut Cookies

I always like to eat peanut cookies during CNY. And I always looking for one that's not too sweet nor hard. So since CNY is approaching, I decided to make my own. I'm a sucker for very easy and simple recipe. After searching for many recipes, I decided upon this one. I substitute plain flour with self raising flour so I omit baking powder and salt. And I choose peanut powder with no sugar added. Wella! My 1st attempt is a success! It turned out really nice and meet my requirement--melt in my mouth and not too sweet :)

(Recipe adopted from Cuisine Paradise)

Ingredient: (36-40 balls, depends on the size)
100g self raising flour
100g peanut powder
50g icing sugar
70-80g veg oil

Egg white as egg wash

1. Mix sieved self raising flour, icing sugar and peanut powder in a mixing bowl.
2. Add oil abit at a time, knead with hand, till dough bind together.
3. Roll to marble size and brush on egg wash.
4. Put in preheated oven at 170 degree C for 20-25 min till golden brown.
5. Let it cool on rack and ready to serve and store.

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