Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New year New beginning

I recently subscribed to Food network channel. In most cooking programmes, I have seen all celebrity chefs used a knife-like grater to get orange or lemon zest. It looked so easy, unlike the many graters I bought from Daiso that were hard to get zest out and have to clean the trapped holes like hell.

So on the last day of 2011, few hours before 2012, on my way to Ivin's restaurant for new year gathering, I decided to drop by Tott and get myself this celebrity chef "must have" grater as a reward(no more cleaning like mad in 2012). I got it for $37.

I can't wait to try on 010112. Indeed, it was a breeze! It's so light! And the zest came out so easy and fast and so fine! And the best part is, it did not trap the zest. Just rinsed with water and it was all cleaned!

I am so happy with this new investment! What a good way to start 2012!

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