Sunday, April 1, 2012

Black sesame marcaron

My 1st attempt and a very last minute project. As I only picked up my courage at this last minute. This was my 1st patch. Doing better for sure for 2nd patch. Recipe adopted from here.

I wanted to submit this post to aspiring bakers- march marcaron madness. Too bad I clicked post at 11.59pm but it showed 1 april for this post.
Good also, I can share more about this experience. This was my 1st attempt and definitely the not as difficult as I thought experience.
As I always find a lot of marcarons too sweet, so i reduce sugar to 20g instead of 40g.
1st patch, I did not cut the Parchment hole big enough, that's why my macaroon look like Indian sweets, hee!
My 2nd patch is definitely better, as I cut a bigger hole and the shape is better. The taste and texture is to my surprise, good! For 1st attempt, this is definitely a big encouragement.


  1. hi, just came over from very good recipes. i'm sure with practice and experinces, the macarons will come out better each time.

  2. Thank you Lena for your encouragement. After this first meringue making experience, I have more confident in making chiffon cake. Look out for it :)