Friday, June 15, 2012

Q & A - Aspiring bakers #20

After posting Aspiring Baker #20 - Asian Dessert Buffet! (June 12) theme, thank you to some keen food bloggers that sent me their queries. To clear theirs and maybe your doubts, i will answer these questions that were brought up so far:

Q: is kueh accepted?
A: Guessed kueh is more appropriate for the earlier theme: AB #12: traditional kueh(Oct 2011).

Q: is agar agar / jelly accepted?
A: Yes! agar agar, jelly, pudding are all accepted. (will add this point to the AB#20 post)

Q: is Kulfi accepted?
A: Kulfi is a kind of ice cream, so it's not accepted.

Q: Is non cook dessert accepted?
A: Yes, it is accepted. Eg. Chendol, Ice kacang etc.

To summaries, see here for the rules(this revised copy is reflected in AB#20 post as well):

1) only Asian style dessert are accepted, no western dessert.
2) only cook/non-cook Asian dessert are accepted, no bake dessert.
3) Asian style cooked dessert include Chinese dessert eg. Tang Sui (糖水), pudding eg. Soy bean milk pudding, 龟苓膏 etc, Malay/Nonya dessert eg. Chendol etc.
4) hot and cold desserts are accepted.
5) ice cream are not accepted.
6) agar agar, jelly, pudding are accepted.

Recently I went to HK for holiday, and brought back some instant HK desserts. See picture to see what I bought, and maybe these can also give your some inspiration to participate in this month AB#20 theme. :)

Top: Ginger Milk Curd姜汁撞奶
Left: Cha Cha Dessert, ingredients: red bean, yam, coconut cream, black-eyed Pea, Red Kidney Bean, brown sugar.
Right: Almond Cordial with Fungus Dessert雪耳莲子杏仁露

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