Monday, August 20, 2012

Longan Red Date Tea

My sansei advised me to drink more Longan Red Date Tea as it helps to 补血. After asking my mom how to boil, I realized it was so easy, so tasty and take less than 1 hour to prepare.

Approximately 10 red dates(soak first before use)
Approximately 10 dried Longan (wash before use)
500ml water
Rock sugar (sweetness to your liking)

1. Boil red dates in boiling water till bloated and can smell red date aroma. About 10 minutes.
2. Add Longan and continue to simmer till Longan expanded and water turn brown. About 15 minutes.
3. Add rock sugar and continue to simmer, about 15 minutes.
3. Stir well and ready to serve.
4. Can serve hot or cold.


  1. Hi this looks "cooling" as we say in Malaysia/Singapore! Were you recomended this drink for the hot weather? Tks Mrs Singh, Ipoh

    1. Hi Mrs Singh! Thank you for your question. It's a "neutral" drink, neither heaty nor cooling, so it's perfect for hot weather. It's a beauty drink and healthy drink, red dates help to sooth the throat, maintain healthy blood pressure, destress; dried Longan helps to improve Qi, calm the mind and improve appetite etc. Hope the additional info helps.

  2. Nice tea and food. I like drinking tea, especially Oolong Tea and Yixing Teapot is also one of my favourite!