Sunday, August 5, 2012

Love these Healthy Egg Tarts

My colleagues love Le Cafe Confectionary & Pastry's bean curd tarts. Guessed it's healthier than normal egg tarts and not as sweet. I was at the Veerasamy Road branch again with my colleague during lunch time and I was attracted to the photo on the wall showing different type of bean curd tarts, so I asked the lady boss do they sell all these flavor in a box, she said yes and she said left with last box. So since that was the last and I got to try all flavors, I bought a box of 8 mixed bean curd tarts finally.

Want to know what are the 7 flavours? From top left to right: Longan, original, grass jelly, gingko nut and white fungus; bottom left to right: peanut, original, red bean, egg white. A box of 8 cost $9.

The mixed bean curd tarts tasted like soy milk bean curd dessert rather than just tarts. My favorites are grass jelly, peanut and gingko nut and white fungus in beancurd.

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264 Middle Road Singapore 188990. Tel/Fax: +65 6337 2417
Blk 42 Cambridge Road #01-02 Singapore 210042. Tel/Fax: +65 6298 1477
Blk 637 Veerasamy Road #01-111 Singapore 200637 Tel/Fax: +65 6294 8813  

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