Thursday, September 20, 2012

1st Anniversary Giveaway

I wrote my first post in this blog during September last year, means this year is celebrating the first anniversary.

I'm very grateful for the support from readers in Singapore and around the world in this one year.

To show my appreciation, and thank you to Lee Kum Kee, for giving away 2 goodie bags to 2 lucky Food playground readers. Each goodie bag consists of 1 x Chiu Chow Chili Oil, First Draw Soy Sauce, XO sauce and Hoisin Sauce(see picture).

How to win the goodie bag?
1) Be a follower of Food Playground and *Likes* the FaceBook Page of Food Playground (see right side for badge),
2) Share your recipe using any of the above Lee Kum Kee giveaway item.

My intension for this contest, besides giveaway, is also to share. Just like why I start this blog and volunteer to be one of the AB host, is to share recipe and learn from one another.

To participate:
Who can join?
Everyone staying in Singapore. (if you do not have a blog, just send me a photo and recipe of your bake/dish)

How to join?
Step 1:
Be a follower of Food Playground and "Likes" the FaceBook Page of Food Playground (see right side for badge),

Step 2:
Cook/bake any dish using any of the above giveaway item: Lee Kum Kee Chiu Chow Chili Oil, First Draw Soy Sauce, XO sauce and Hoisin Sauce(see picture) from 20 Sept 2012 to 20 Oct 2012.

Step 3:
Post it on your blog between 20 Sept 2012 and 20 Oct 2012. Provide a link back HERE, stating you are submitting this post to "food Playground Giveaway"
Entries will not be accepted if the above is not included.

Step 4:
Email to in the following format:

Your blog name: (omit this if you do not have a blog)
Name of your bake/dish:
URL of your post:
Attach your photo in the email.

Please use "Food Playground Giveaway" as your email subject. You may submit more than 1 entry.

Closing date: 20th Oct 2012. Results and roundup will be announced on Monday 22th October 2012.


Tofu with Century Egg

To kick start, I would like to share this Cold Dish recipe using Lee Kum Kee First Draw Soy Sauce. What so good about First Draw Soy Sauce as compared to other grade soy sauce is the first extraction of soy sauce brewing, means it gives a rich soy flavour and aroma to any dish you cook.

1 block Silken Tofu
1 Century Egg (diced)
1 tbsp Soy Sauce Paste
First Draw Soy Sauce to taste
1 tsp Sesame Oil
2 tbsp Chicken stock
Pork floss and spring onion as topping

1. Mix Soy sauce paste, Sesame Oil and chicken stock in a bowl, stir well. Add First Draw Soy Sauce to taste.
2. Remove tofu from fridge and place on a plate. Top with Century egg cubes.
3. Pour the mixture into tofu and century egg.
4. Top with pork floss and spring onion.
5. Serve it cold.


Lee Kum Kee "Fast, Fresh & Simple" Workshop

This is my first invitation to Lee Kum Kee event. This event objective is cooking together and eat together = encourage family and friend bonding. It was held at Cookyn Inc., Mervyn is our "teacher". He demonstrated some dishes that used Lee Kum Kee products(see below).

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with two Dips: (right) Hoisin Sauce with chunky peanut butter; (top) Plum Sauce with lime juice, fish sauce and minced chilli.

Tuna Tataki with First Draw Soy Sauce and Sesame Seed Oil Vinaigrette.
Sauce: mix sesame oil, first draw soy sauce, lemon juice and olive oil well.

(left) blanched baby Kailan with fried garlic and shrimp paste. (right) Silken tofu with crispy breadcrumbs coated with shrimp paste. Will try to cook shrimp paste with kailan dish next time.

Grilled Mini Chicken Burger. I liked the taste of the marinated chicken. marinate mixture: oyster sauce, honey, olive oil, soy sauce, hua tiao wine, salt and pepper.

Dried angel hair pasta with XO Sauce and crispy ikan bilis.
This is the last dish and also my favorite! Although I was very full from the food that was served before this, but I still finished the whole plate of pasta! Must be the crispy ikan bilis that do the trick.

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