Saturday, November 3, 2012

Simple and Easy Butter Cake

Last week, we visited my brother's family in Brunei. I wanted to bake cake for them (as they have not tried my cake yet), and my sis in law requested butter cake. So I quickly looked for a easy to make cake recipe that require basic ingredients and go to their supermarket to buy the ingredients.

During the making process, my nephew was there to help and eagerly waiting for the cake to be ready. He complaint that the cakes that he baked was always not successful. I was very happy that he share the same interest, and was with me throughout the making process.

He was so happy when he saw that the cake was raised nicely and it was warm and soft inside and crispy outside when he had the first bite after removed the cake from the oven. Other family members like it too, including my mom.

He said that he's proud to be part of it and he will bake for us next time when we meet. :)


75g butter, softened

60g sugar

1 egg

1 cups self-raising flour (or all-purpose and add 4 tsp baking powder)

1/2 cup milk


1. Cream the butter and sugar.
2. Add egg and beat.
3. Add flour and mix. Then some milk. Then some flour. Then some milk. Lastly add the remaining flour.
4. Bake on 180 deg C for approx 30 - 35 mins. 

I baked this in 1 loaf tin. You can bake them in cupcakes too.

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