Monday, June 23, 2014

Review: Ultimate Crab Feast at ParkRoyal Beach Road

If you are into crab like me, good news! This year ParkRoyal Crab Feast Buffet is here! From now till 27 July 2014, you can indulge in a spread of 27 crabs dishes, all at ParkRoyal Plaza Brasserie.

This year New dishes include Crab Kut Teh, cereal crab, marmite crab, crabmeat roti John, spicy crabmeat salad, crabmeat Tartlet and Crabmeat Masala etc. other all time favourites include Salted Egg Crab, butter crab, black pepper crab and Chilli crab etc.

Most of the crabs being served are mud crabs. Meat are fresh and firm.

Besides mud crabs, there are also flower crabs and spanner crabs. Below are some of my must have list:

Crab Kut Teh. I like the strong garlic and peppery soup.

I like Curry crab, a bit spicy and sweet. If you like local curry flavor, can choose Nonya crab.

Among all crabs, my all time favourites are Salted Egg Crab and Butter Crab.

If you like sweet taste, go for Marmite Crab, cereal Crab and XO sauce Crab.

This is Curry Crab. Must try!

This is local delight: black pepper crab.

Before I post this news, I was told that weekend dinner buffet is fully booked. Yes, so for those who don't want to miss this chance, should start booking for weekday now.

The Ultimate Crab Feast (13 June- 27 July 2014)
buffet Dinner (Daily): 6pm-10.30pm
Adult: $65++, Child: $39++.
Address: ParkRoyal on Beach Road, 7500 Beach Road Level 1.
Tel: 65055710