Thursday, September 20, 2018

Update: (May not be) my Last Post here

Hi all supporters
Sorry for the long absence from this blog due to tight schedule work commitment earlier. During May 2015 till now, I hardly have time to blog, only can occasionally post on facebook page. During these "MIA" years, I noticed there are a lot of changes in the social media scene, I find it hard to catch up after not blogging for a while already. And during these time, I noticed a cooking school was opened and have used my Blog Name: Food Playground that I developed back in 2011 as their name. (Duh)
It actually take me awhile to pick up the courage to make a come back as I have lost the momentum and it will take me longer time and harder way to get back to blogging (and blogging is no longer enough to viewers)
In order not to associate my blog with the cooking school, and to differentiate my blog, I have decided to create a new blogspot address to Think this convey my message better and will help me to start pick up blogging again and add in new features to the blog, eg not just restricted to food, but also write about things I Like - It is a Foodi(EatPlay)ground. And add in youtube video and post in both facebook and IG.
Kindly continue to follow me at facebook page and instagram page. And youtube page.
Your support is my motivation. Hope to see you again.

Update: Maybe I should continue to blog here as I see many of my readers still visiting this blog. Your feedback is my motivation. Appreciate your kind feedback. Thank you once again!