Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Papaya Milk木瓜牛奶

I miss Taiwan and hope i can go there for holiday next year. Each time i go, night markets especially 师大夜市 is a place that i cannot miss. Papaya milk in Taiwan is like pearl tea in Singapore, very popular and can find in most night markets. The locals believe that drink more papaya milk can enhance their "assets". Recently, I stumbled upon Carol's post on papaya milk, and it makes me want to replicate, in hope to bring me closer to my long waited holiday.

Ingredients: (make 1 glass)

200g papaya
120g milk (I choose low fat milk)
1 tbs honey
Some ice cubes

Put everything in juicer and blend well, ready to serve.

Note: I like more papaya in my milk, that's why the ratio is not 1:1 as the adopted recipe.

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