Sunday, October 13, 2019

【Easy Asian Kueh RECIPE】Soft Blue Pea Flower Tapioca Cake | Ubi Kayu kui...

Low sugar Soft Tapioca Cake(Ubi Kayu Kuih) Recipe @ 玩食我Foodieatplayground


3 tbsp Blue Pea Flower
3 汤匙碟豆花
Add 200ml warm water
500g Grated Tapioca
Add 100ml coconut milk
Add 80g caster sugar
Mix well
Optional: add 50-100ml water (if you want softer texture)
Divide into 2 bowls
Add a bit of edible colouring to 1 bowl
Add Pandan leaves on Top
Steam for 25 minutes
Till skewer come out clean
Grated coconut (amount depends on your serving)
Add a pinch of salt
Add pandan leave on Top
Steam for 15 minutes
Remove pandan leave after cool off
Cut into pieces and coat with grated coconut

(For full method, see video: 完整做法,请看影片:

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

【简单早餐RECIPE】Sausage Prata | The Old Taste | Addictive | 香脆沙爹香肠煎饼 | 当年熟悉的...

(Video with English Subtitle) This is the Go Go Franks Sausage Prata that I remember when I first had it . This is a Copycat version and I am still cooking it at home. Is this the taste that you remember too? Sausage Prata Recipe @ 玩食我Foodieatplayground Ingredients: 1 Frozen Prata 冷冻煎饼 1 Chicken Satay Sausage 鸡肉沙爹香肠 1 Egg 鸡蛋 Some Mayo 少许美乃滋 Some Chilli sauce 少许辣椒酱 1 Cheddar Cheese 片状乳酪 Method: 1. Fry Prata without oil 2. Once non stick, can turn over 一旦不粘锅就可翻面 3. Add egg on top 加一粒蛋 4. Top with 1 Cheddar Cheese 加片状乳酪 5. Add Mayonnaise 加美乃滋 6. Add Chilli Sauce 加辣椒酱 7. Fold to half 折成半圆 8. Ready to Serve 即可享用 要订阅: To SUBSCRIBE, go to : * This is not a sponsored video. 这支影片不是业配 我的日常生活 Follow me on : Facebook: Instagram: Want to see more recipes? Check out: 关于合作事项可电邮联系 | Business/DM for collab: Email: 人气食谱影片 (Popular Recipe posts): 【简单健康RECIPE】如蓝白陶瓷的菜燕怎么做?|蝶豆花芒果椰奶果冻 |视觉和味觉清凉消暑甜品 | How to make Blue & White Porcelain Agar Agar 【易煮RECIPE】 零失败无叶肉粽,饭锅料理不会过软过硬的秘诀 | How to cook foolproof Bak Chang (Rice Dumpling) using Rice Cooker 【简单易做RECIPE】在家做的脆皮虾饼 VS 鼎泰丰脆皮虾饼,哪个好吃?| How to cook Crispy Prawn Pancake the short cut way | Airfryer 【简单健康RECIPE】零失败Don Don DONKI 烤番薯+无糖香甜玫瑰茶=绝配 | Air Fryer Don Don DONKI Sweet Potato + Healthy Tea 焖烧罐煮生姜红枣茶 | NO COOK NO BOIL RED DATE GINGER TEA 零失败焖烧罐煮桃胶桂圆糖水 | STEP BY STEP HOW TO CLEAN AND PREPARE PEACH GUM 猪猪杏仁饼干 | HOW TO MAKE LESS SUGAR LESS OIL MISS PIGGY ALMOND COOKIES | CNY BAKING 简单易做椰糖鳄梨奶昔 | QUICK & EASY ASIAN AVOCADO SHAKE ❤️想看到更多关于新加坡美食、地点和旅游影片的话,记得订阅。订阅无需花你一份钱,但却会给我多一份动力去制作更多影片。你的举手之劳是我的一臂之力。希望你可以不吝啬地给我一点鼓励。谢谢❤️ If you like this video, appreciate if you can subscribe to my channel. It doesn’t cost you a cent but it gives me motivation to make more videos. Thank you for your help. Do press bell for latest notification once you subscribed. To subscribe: