Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Luncheon Meat Fried Rice



Recently I flew to US by SQ, to and fro on the plane for almost 56 hours, and had a total of 10 meals! On my way to US, I asked for fried rice. When served, the main was just mixed veg fried rice with egg and nothing else. I thought it will taste bland, but to my surprise it was quite fragrant and tasty! And it was the best meal among all plane food that I had during that 56 hours.
It was so unforgettable and I wanted to bring back the same flavor when I came back to Singapore. So i bought mixed veg from NTUC and cooked luncheon meat fried rice.

2 tbs of mixed veg
1 slice of luncheon meat (diced)
2 bowls of cooked rice
1 egg
1 tbs oyster sauce
A pinch of garlic powder, white pepper and some fish sauce to taste

1. Fried egg to just cook, set aside.
2. Boil mixed vegetable in water with a pinch of salt and olive oil, till soft and cooked. Set aside.
3. Fried luncheon meat dices till crispy.
4. Add mixed vegetable and fried with garlic powder and oyster sauce till fragrant.
5. Add rice and fried egg, stir well.
6. Sprinkle white pepper and fish sauce and stir fried till fragrant.
7. Ready to serve.

I am so proud of myself! because this is exactly how SQ fried rice tasted like, with added ingredient:luncheon meat! Will cooked this again for my mom.

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