Thursday, February 6, 2014

AB #39: Yam Nian Gao 芋头年糕

I add Chilli sauce on top of yam Nian gao

Recently I was watching a HK cooking programme and come across this recipe. Promised my mom will cook for her during this CNY period and I did.

This is my first time making it. Maybe I did not add enough water, it was a bit hard and abit chewy, but still acceptable I hope.

45gm tapioca flour
75gm rice flour
300gm yam
A handful of dried prawn
1 Chinese sausage (I use Taiwan sausage)
1 tsp salt
A pinch of pepper
A pinch of five spice powder(the prog did not ask for it but I want to give it a try)

1. Cut yam to small cube, steam for 30 min.
2. Mash yam with fork when it's hot. Set aside.
3. Mix both sift flour with yam till form like bread crumbs.
4. Add water till it form thick smooth paste. (should have add more)
5. Add dried prawn and sausage till well mixed.
6. Add salt, pepper and five spice powder till well mixed.
7. Pour into bowl (spread with oil), steam for 45 min till skewer come out clean.
8. Cut and serve hot or pan fried.

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #39: CNY Rock and Roll! (Jan 2014) hosted by Food Playground

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